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 Informal events
Informal dining/buffet/bbq

 Formal events
Formal dining with plated meal/cocktail/yachts and villas



Whether you are having a dinner with colleagues, a barbecue with friends, a trip to the sea or a romantic dinner, I will work with you to create the right atmosphere for your event within your budget.


In order to best meet your circumstances, I am able to provide either informal buffets or fancy cocktail with finger-food; a sit-down plated meal or dishes to share.  


That is why I created two catering lines, Franquette & Francette, in order to help you preparing the perfect event for you! 

Origins and concept


"A la bonne franquette", previously "à la franquette" (which would be translated by "a potluck meal" in english), is a French expression that expresses the conviviality and simplicity a meal will be organized. I propose here, with the line "Franquette", to find this conviviality around simple and tasty dishes, to share with simplicity but always with elegance.

This expression would have been invented in opposition to the one "à la française" ("french style") which, in the 17th century, defined refinement and sophistication. I renamed this expression to give it the form of "Francette".


Who is behind

Coming from Auvergne french region, from a large family, with Spanish origins, I quickly noticed that the link between people was food. Receiving dozens of people at home requires a lot of energy and organization, which can sometimes scare and demotivate. What a pity then to miss such good times together! I then very early took over the organization of meals at home so that we could all be reunited with the family. Everyone, of course, also could take his specialty to add on the buffet!

At first, I dedicated myself to other professional activities. In 2009, while studying social sciences, I was offered the opportunity to board a motor yacht as a cook-stewardess in the South of France. I was completely green and learned on the job. Cooking and feasting the guests and other crew members at every meal has become a real satisfaction and then an addictive passion. Word of mouth has always worked well and allowed me to be recommended to new captains. From cook-stewardess, I became a cook only to devote myself to the passion that had become my job. After many years as an autodidact, I trained myself by working in different restaurants abroad and in France, and passing a professionalising certificate.


My roots and culinary influences are initially Mediterranean. Travelling and accumulating experiences with chefs and restaurants from all walks of life, from the trendy Parisian caterer to the Michelin-starred restaurant in Marseilles, through Australian healthy cafes, to name but a few, allowed me to acquire a real adaptability. I apply it constantly to my clients from different nationalities, including English, French or Mexican. On the strenght of 10 years of experience, I propose today to benefit from my private chef services in my beautiful birthplace, Cantal, in the Auvergne region, where I settled in 2021. My mobility and my responsiveness allow me to come also to meet you anywhere else, on land or at sea.

Who is behind F&F?
Culinary influences

From farm to table

Culinary influences

I like to work the same product under different texture, without distorting its original taste, but by finding the right measure of the spices and associations that sublimate them. The cuisine I propose is tasty, simple and healthy.


Adapting my cuisine to the tastes and diets of my clients is a challenge that I love to meet every time. It is for example with pleasure that I cook vegetarian, vegan or gluten free. The restrictions that these diets may present are just great opportunities to be creative. From classics of French cuisine to more innovative dishes with flavors of the world, I will find the cuisine that will perfectly satisfy your palate and that will best fit your event.

Quality commitment

Wherever I go, I like to find the best markets and traders to stock up on quality products. I seek to get fresh food, organic or from sustainable agriculture, and as much as possible from local agriculture.


All the products I offer are homemade. Under special circumstances, if this is not the case, it will be specified to you, as will their provenance. Beyond the desire to impress you at first glance, by creating attractive and delicious food, I keep in mind that what you eat will nourish you and will impact your body, your health and the environment. So let's make that impact positive!

Quality commitment


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At your service

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